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Abdel Rahman Hamado: “We will pass on Samuel Eto’o” (video)

Abdel Rahman Hamado: “We will pass on Samuel Eto’o” (video)

For once since the arrest of Aya Mohamed in 2013, Abderrahmane Hamadou is ready to discuss with the president of Vikavout. guest show” meeting with ” employment STV This Thursday, Etoile President Filante de Garoua said he was ready to accompany Samuel Eto’o. Literal.

« I have not met Samuel Eto’o. We had no contact. I couldn’t congratulate him anyway ! It is not possible. For us footballers, for those who know how to do it Adequate, the FIFA And the mafia is working, he did something that was impossible to do. In this regard, we must admit it. We can’t close our eyes, pretend nothing happened.

We will give him the opportunity to discuss and find a solution. We’ll give him the pass. I will talk to others and weigh. They know I am invaluable. I have values. The challenge is to find a solution among the Cameroonians. We’ll do with Samuel Eto’o, something we’ve never done with anyone. We will act responsibly and hopefully Samuel will act responsibly as well. ».

This is an excerpt from the show:

Abd al-Rahman wants to give Samuel Eto’o a chance

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