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A young woman was arrested with a shipment of 10,000 donuts

A young woman was arrested with a shipment of 10,000 donuts

hasAccused of stealing… donuts. A young woman in Australia has been charged with stealing a delivery van from a gas station near Sydney in the early hours of November 29. BBC. Inside this van: 10,000 Krispy Kreme brand donuts, from the classic range and the special Christmas range. The vehicle was found a week later in a parking lot, along with thousands of rotten donuts. The accused was arrested on Thursday, December 14.

He has been charged with vehicle theft and driving without a license. CCTV footage shows the 28-year-old woman hanging around the petrol station in the early hours of the morning (around 4am local time), before getting behind the wheel of an unattended van and driving away.

The brand reported the theft to the police, and promised its customers it was “working to replace the 10,000 stolen donuts.”

American giant in France

A US-based company, Krispy Kreme set up shop in France on December 6 in Paris. The brand wants to hit hard. For 39e Alexandre Maizoué, its general manager in France, Krispy Kreme’s country of operation, explains the plan of attack: home delivery between January and February 2024, the opening of a production workshop in Créteil (east of Paris) in the first quarter of 2024, and 500 points of sale in five years. “I think we have good years ahead of us,” he commented, while 2 million euros had already been invested in sales and production.

To ensure this, the brand launched a massive advertising campaign – and a “bad uproar” from Paris City Hall, accusing it of illegal display. For two weeks, he also organized the distribution of nearly 100,000 donuts to key locations in the capital.

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