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A woman spends the night on the emergency room floor with a perforated appendix

A woman spends the night on the emergency room floor with a perforated appendix

It took forty hours of waiting, one night on the emergency room floor and two hospitalizations before Maris Schenk was told she had a perforated appendix and had surgery.

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The woman said that on the evening of January 5, the woman went in pain to the Anna Laberge Hospital in Chateauguay, where no one offered her an ultrasound.

TVA Nouvelles has asked the hospital for comment on the situation and is awaiting a response within the day.

“I was made to wait hours and hours,” laments Ms. Schenk, who is now recovering.

What she’s offered when she’s struggling to move, she says, is Tylenols and Manox every four hours.

“I spent the night on the floor, writhing in pain,” she says, only to be told in the morning that another 30 hours would be needed before a doctor would see her.

The prospect prompts her to seek help at Barrie Memorial Hospital in Ormstown, Montérégie, where an 11-hour wait is still required before an ultrasound confirms she will undergo surgery.

The saga of the unfortunate Maryse Schinck does not stop there, as she will have to wait another night before being transferred to another hospital where a specialist can operate on her.

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This is the second time this week that we’ve learned that a patient should sleep on the emergency room floor.

Over the past 10 days, emergency room occupancy rates in the province of Quebec have been around 130%.