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A Walmart employee is stalked for lack of parking

A Walmart employee is stalked for lack of parking

Customer service workers often receive out of the ordinary calls. Talk to this Walmart employee in Florida who had to keep his cool after a customer got impatient with the store’s lack of parking.

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The viral video, posted earlier this month on TikTok by user Garrett Hudson, shows a supermarket employee answering a call from a disgruntled customer.

In the excerpt, the lady can be heard complaining about too many vehicles parked near the Walmart.

“The parking lot is full, there’s no parking, I can’t even get my groceries in,” she laments after the employee activates the speakerphone.

The employee at this branch in Okeechobee, Florida, replies that the situation is beyond his control.

“What do you want me to do? Do you move the cars?”

Moments later, the lady ended the conversation in front of the American worker’s response.

The viral snippet sparked a chain reaction in the comments below the post.

Some users working in customer service have expressed that they often receive calls from dissatisfied customers.

“Customers forget that we are real people,” said one user.

“Some people feel the need to call us to send us for a walk,” a young employee denounced.

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