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Le centre de vaccination est aménagé dans la grande salle du St-Moritz, un restaurant situé à Breuillet, une commune à 10km de Royan.

A vaccination center opened in an old nightclub near Ruian

After weeks of blur, New vaccination center From the Ruyan conglomerate community finally managed to leave their bags in Brillet. Open Monday, November 8, for at least two months. And at the St-Moritz restaurant, patients will be able to receive their dose of the vaccine against Covid. But for some Royannais, the place evokes other memories… those evenings at the nightclubs!

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A practical place to receive the public

“I spent some evenings there when I was little!” Sandra laughs, adoptive Royan. “I don’t remember the name of the box, the names have changed several times…” until you become Restaurant and caterer St. MoritzAnd now a vaccination center! Place, Already ready to receive the publicIt was perfect to create such a center.

It is a very interesting place, with its chandeliers on the ceiling, its mezzanine, its stone walls … To enter, patients will have to pass through a small courtyard with a garden! – Danielle Carrier, Coordinator of the Immunization Center

“Our search for a place was complicated, because _We had a lot of demands_Danielle Carrier, the center’s coordinator, explains. “Space inside, parking, easily accessible from Royan…” And all these boxes are marked by St. Moritz, which is located 10 kilometers from the coastal city: “we are very happy”breathe. Of course, it took the same Do the big clean up and rearrange Restaurant room.

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Friday, November 5, was the big cleanup in the restaurant room. © Radio France
Soleen Gardri

Lower doses are available

Not connected Three tents were erected, as opposed to fifteen in the former vaccination center of the Corduan gymnasium, which was left behind by St. Moritz. “Because the needs are less, because there will be basically third doses”Danielle Carrier explains. The center will be able to do that Up to 450 injections per day.

Daniel Carrier, the former coordinator of the vaccination center at the gymnasium in Córdoba, is back on duty in St Moritz.
Daniel Carrier, the former coordinator of the vaccination center at the gymnasium in Córdoba, is back on duty in St Moritz. © Radio France
Soleen Gardri

to get vaccinated, must take an appointment. And beware, places leave quickly! “We are full in the first week”, notes Danielle Carrier. “It must be said that we are here _An area popular with retirees_. Many want their third dose.” But don’t panic if you can’t find a place… The coordinator doesn’t open the appointments too early, to prevent the schedule from filling up over weeks.