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A urine test to detect it?

A urine test to detect it?

To facilitate the detection of tumors and their metastases, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a new screening tool, which was developed in two phases, as announced in a press release on July 15. Thanks to the urine test and the product ingested, we can determine whether there is the presence of cancer, where tumors are located, as well as metastases.

A technique that could (also) be useful in preventing relapse

What is the principle? Scientists swallowed the topics that When they encounter a tumor in the body, they turn into cancerous “marks”.. Next, the test consists of collecting urine to test for the presence of this sign. If the result is positive, The medical imaging system follows the path of the ingested product (also called imaging agent) to detect possible tumor(s) and metastases.

Currently, it is a clinical trial conducted on mice, mainly to screen for colon cancer. Doctors suggest that this imaging agent can be used for various purposes: both for very early detection (since it allows to identify tumors and metastases of very small size), but also In patients already treated with chemotherapy to assess the course of the cancer and the effects of treatment. Or to follow up on patients to prevent relapse.

Source: MIT, July 2021.

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