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A unique regional cancer plan in France

A unique regional cancer plan in France

On Wednesday in Bordeaux, the first steering committee for the implementation of a regional plan for cancer prevention was held. The presence of the President of INCa and the Director General of ARS, all CHU units in the region, the Bergonié Center, representatives from Inserm Research, CNRS, the University, training bodies and associations, as well as liberal health professionals (doctors, midwives, etc.) show the region’s unanimous mobilization to reduce the number of deaths cancer.

This steering committee is made up of about twenty members, including Agen-Nérac deputy Michel Lauzzana. A physician by training, he is heavily involved in the National Assembly on the issue of cancer – particularly so-called childhood cancer.

Professor Norbert Ifrah, President of the National Cancer Institute (INCa), wrote: “Prevention constitutes the first priority focus of the ten-year anti-cancer strategy. However, our citizens are still underutilized. More specifically in this area, the three programs are struggling. The organization (screening for breast cancer, colorectal cancer and cervical cancer) to convince the French although it offers real benefit in terms of early detection and generally allows, with less heavy treatments, better chances of recovery.

Conducting an additional 1 million bids by 2025 is the ambitious target set by the government in the 10-year strategy. This goal cannot be achieved without mobilizing the regional focal points for cancer screening which, at the regional level with all the players involved in the fight against cancer, deploy it as close as possible to our fellow citizens.

“Make things happen”

The Regional Cancer Prevention Plan 2022-2026 focusing on these three examinations, proposed today jointly by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region with the Regional Health Agency, testifies to the mobilization of actors in the regions. We know that we can count on each one of them committing themselves to the singular goal of improving the health of our fellow citizens.”

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“This plan is the first in France, confirms Benjamin Gandoet, Director General of the Regional Center for the Coordination of Cancer Screening Screening. Our ambition has been to make the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region a player at the forefront of health innovation by promoting prevention and health. Predictive medicine as a complement to curative medicine. This cultural quasi-community cause has the unanimous support of all the players involved who wish to achieve things.Because we can never say enough, prevention makes it possible to know and therefore act upon one’s health before it is too late for heavy or complex treatments.This aspiration has become Collectivism is a reality today. Everyone is working towards making things happen.”

And MP Michel Lozana adds: “There is a real dynamic in our region. We must move forward on these issues.”

As a reminder, cancer is a disease that severely affects the daily lives of the French. Each year, approximately 382,000 people learn they have the disease and approximately 157,500 patients die of cancer.