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A unique card with a value "in the six digits" found in Saguenay

A unique card with a value “in the six digits” found in Saguenay

A teenager discovered, Sunday, in a parcel purchased in the Chicoutimi district, in Saguenay, a unique collectible card worth a small fortune.

The young man was going to the TW Objets de collection in Chicotime to buy a computer mat and decided to add a pack of Formula 1 cards to his purchase.

He was surprised to find a unique copy of Lewis Hamilton’s signed card.

“The package cost him less than $100, and then he came out with a card that easily equals six figures,” says Rafael Viollet, store manager.

The teenager is really lucky, because this is the first year such cards have been issued for F1.

“In other sports there is a player for one, but there are similarities, there have always been. While in F1 it is a product that was just launched this year so the headline is unheard of from Lewis Hamilton. So I think this card is still undervalued. The real one,” explains the store manager.

The card is placed in a safe place.

The young man has reportedly already received offers to purchase this unique card.

According to information from Molly Billand

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