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A Tracynoise lands an amazing job in Australia, video of her experience surpasses one million views on TikTok

A Tracynoise lands an amazing job in Australia, video of her experience surpasses one million views on TikTok

It’s 11pm on Australia’s Gold Coast and 2:30pm in Draguignan when we catch up on the phone with Maeva, now 23, a former student of Jean-Moulin High School in Draguignan.

One day the young woman returned to her home after trying a new job. And nothing: “I just got a job at Karen’s Diner”Explains who left France and lives in March “His Experience“In the land of kangaroos, like thousands of young French people every year.

Until then, nothing unusual, except that the most famous institution on the Australian continent has a very surprising concept.

Must be unpleasant

His uniqueness? Insulting customers and rude service, its slogan best describes it as “Great Burgers and Rude Service.”

“I saw an ad about a new chain restaurant opening in Surfers Paradise, where I live. I was desperate and applied, I already had a job, but something bothered me. I pushed to do it. I got down to the game and wrote an email. In English with a humorous tone… and depression”, The young woman continues to master several languages, including Shakespeare’s.

“An hour later, I already had an answer and a date for the interview. During the meeting, the manager signed me to a contract without delay, said by email that he really appreciated my application, and I had a 5-star profile. I couldn’t believe it!”

More than a million views on TikTok

The young woman decided to narrate her experience in a video on the social networking site TikTok one evening, just before going to sleep.

Surprise the next morning! The video is a hit and causing buzz. To date, it has accumulated more than 1,200,000 views, number of subscribers maeva_db Hundreds of people are exploding under the post and comments are pouring in.

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“I was fired for contempt, I need this job!” Constant funny smileys, or: “It’s a joke and you’re going to be the boss of the restaurant by force!”, “I’m an English teacher and this gives me an idea of ​​the order for my 3rd grade, can I use your email?” “I’m not surprised you got the job, the chain’s management should design your email!” “Is Karen’s Diner in Australia? That’s the first thing I go to when I get there!” “Make TikTok videos for us at your workplace!”

As much as Comments that the young woman takes time to respond to… one by one.

“I am not in the habit of insulting people”

Satisfied on a trial day when management offered him a “supervisor” job, Varois wants to combine the two jobs until he works 52 hours a week.

“The experience at this restaurant is still different, I’m not used to insulting people, it doesn’t come naturally, we’re taught to behave well all our lives. In the time area I work in, they have respect. The customer is a priority, at Karen’s, you really have to play a role.” The dreamer says that she wants to become an actress.

“This will be a real exercise for me.” She concludes.