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A totally wrong party at Laval High School

A totally wrong party at Laval High School

A party at Laval High School went so wrong yesterday afternoon, that 30 police officers had to intervene to control a crowd of about a hundred students who became violent.

Tear gas, smashed police cars, spit, twigs… Here’s a brief photo of a group of teenagers deteriorating yesterday, around 1 p.m., at Horizon Jeunesse High School in Laval.

We got a call to interfere with this party which was packed with 150 to 200 students. Our aim was to contain young people in the school yards for their own safety, to prevent them from colliding with a car, for example,” explains Lieutenant Genevieve Major, spokesperson for the Laval Police Department (SPL).

“Big Kicks”

Several videos of the ceremony were posted on Instagram at the end of the day. We see restless teenagers surrounding the patrol cars.

The students started throwing branches at our cars. Then the youths also kicked police cars. We made pleas for calm with our microphones, but they weren’t listened to,” says Mme Main.

open an investigation

The latter claims that a police officer was also forced to use cayenne pepper as a “protective and defensive signal”. A young woman was hit by pepper but was unharmed.

We are currently conducting an investigation into the abuse of police cars. There are no arrests at the moment, but they will come. ”

Genevieve Major also notes that SPL agents went back to school Friday for prevention with the youngsters, after that party went wrong.

The school explains

When contacted on this topic, the management of Horizon Jeunesse High School reported that they have organized “various activities over the past few days to celebrate Cultural Exchange Week”.

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“Some of the students ate improperly, resulting in a flood that was seen yesterday. […] “The return is taking place today with concerned students in order to promote urbanization, civic responsibility, and the behavior expected in a democratic society,” says Annie Jewett, of the Communications Department at Laval School Board.

Mme Goyette also specifies that it is possible that people who did not go to school may have attended this party at the institution yesterday.