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A third spacewalk by Thomas Bisquet

A third spacewalk by Thomas Bisquet


Video length: 2 minutes.

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Thomas Pesquet left the International Space Station on Wednesday, June 16 to install new solar panels. The astronaut was well prepared for his third spacewalk.

The airlock just opened. It’s just after 2pm on Wednesday, June 16th. When Thomas Pesquet was the first to leave the International Space Station (ISS), followed by his loyal American colleague, Shane Kimbrae. But on this third spaceflight, it’s the French who wear the red lines for the mission chief. However, this mastery does not exclude passion.

To be attached with two fingers to the station, only to hold it this way and look at the 400 km emptiness under my feet, it does not matter, because the brain understands very well that a person will not fall. On the other hand, to put a rope – so we’re tied, no problem – and to let go of those two fingers and rush towards the station and leave like that in complete emptiness towards the ground, but very slowly, this is very annoyingThomas Pesquet explained that the International Space Station still needs more electricity, and the two astronauts will spend more than 6 hours installing new, more efficient solar panels at the other end of the station. Thomas Pesquet assists and has an articulated arm Shane Kimbrough dismantles these 350 kilos plates. The Frenchman was fully prepared for this.