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A teenage girl mysteriously disappears after a camp party in California

A teenage girl mysteriously disappears after a camp party in California

A teenage girl who was attending a camp party in Northern California has mysteriously disappeared on her way home over the weekend.

16-year-old Kelly Rodney was at a Friday night party for more than 100 kids at Prosser Family Campground in Truckee, north of Lake Tahoe.

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At the end of the evening, she texted her mother telling her that she would be leaving “the party” in the next 45 minutes and that she would be going home “straight.”

“I told her to be careful and that I loved her. She replied, ‘Well mom, I love you too.'” Lindsey Rodmy Neiman told ABC News that she never made it home.

The girl was last seen around 12:30 AM, when her cell phone stopped broadcasting.

“Her phone is switched off so we can’t find her after 12:30 a.m.,” said Angela Musallam, a spokeswoman for the Placer County Sheriff’s Office.

When he woke up Saturday morning, his family realized he had disappeared.

I tried to contact him. I texted her, but she didn’t reply. “I knew something was wrong,” her mother said.

Kelly’s friend Sammy Smith thinks she was one of the last they spoke to.

“She was having a great time at this party. Like any teenager. Every time she drank, I drank it too. Everything seemed fine.”

Without any trace of the girl or her car, the police believe there was a kidnapping

“Our investigators are following up on all possible leads. At the moment, we are leaning towards kidnapping, because we still haven’t been able to locate his car,” said Ms. Muslim.

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We have received a lot of information since Saturday. We are exploring all avenues. We won’t stop until Kelly gets home.”

A reward of $50,000 is offered to anyone who allows the outcome of this story.