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A teacher is under investigation for showing a Disney movie to her students

An elementary school teacher in Florida has reportedly come under investigation for showing her students a Disney movie in which a male secondary character develops a crush on a boy.

“The movie was part of the school curriculum. Back then, it was about earth science and ecosystems and how they interact with each other. Plants, people and animals. So this movie was perfect,” defended teacher Gina Barbie, in a TikTok video she shared. The Guardian” on Sunday.

The woman, who teaches a group of students aged between 10 and 11, said she was going to introduce the animated film “Avalonia, the Strange Journey” to her students after the morning exam.

Except it didn’t take much for the mother, who sits on the local school board, to denounce her to the Florida Department of Education, the teacher went on, arguing “indoctrination.”

Because the story follows a group of explorers who discover a new world, and introduces a gay minor character, who would have a crush on a boy who has been mentioned several times.

The mother in question, whose identity was revealed Sunday by Tallahassee Democrats, would be Shannon Rodriguez, a member of the group Moms for Liberty, who would have campaigned in particular to pull some books she deems “pigs” and “pornographic” libraries.

“It is not the teacher’s job to impose his beliefs on children. Allowing films like this helps teachers open the door to conversations that have no place in the classroom,” it was claimed at a school board meeting last week, according to British media.

The teacher is now reportedly under formal investigation for possible violations of the Parental Rights in Education Act, which was introduced last year by Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis that would bar teachers from addressing issues of sexual orientation or gender identity.

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This law has been dubbed the “Don’t Call Me Gay” law.