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A syringe with your disguise?

A syringe with your disguise?

It was Christmas before it was time for a few thousand superheroes and comic book freebies who reconnected with Montreal Comiccon on Saturday after two years of exclusion.

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“It really touches me being here, it’s my first major event since the pandemic,” said Alexandra Bastian, a multidisciplinary artist who participated in the exhibition.

The most recent presentation was in the summer of 2019, when 60,000 people gathered to share their love of pop culture, video games or science fiction.

By comparison, this Christmas special received just over 5,000 participants, and they were clearly happy to have found their favorite fictional characters.

On Saturday afternoon, the elves sipped coffee, the manga characters swayed in front of the camera and the Stormtroopers agreed to pose for their photos in an atmosphere of reunion.

Bumblebee, Pikachu, or The Squid Game characters aren’t too far off, reflections of the culture of recent years.

Just in time for gifts

“Sports fans can get together at the pub or in the stadium, but our fans are consumed at home, hence the importance of a personal event like Comiccon,” said event director of programming, Cliff Caporale.

Instead of betting on famous actors this time around, rely on the trade show as the holiday season approaches to attract audiences.

Léa, dressed as a character from the video game Danganronpa, took the opportunity to do her shopping in person among the many Quebec artisans in attendance.

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“It’s better than ordering from China,” the teenager fell between the rows of statues and rare versions of comics and dogs.

to help in transit

Evidence that COVID-19 did not have its last word, the event took place a few meters from the vaccination clinic at the Palais des congrès.

Disguised participants had to have their dummy weapons and vaccination passports checked by security officers before they could enter.

But the pandemic has also had its benefits, argue the three Estrada sisters, local celebrities and professional cosplayers.

“We didn’t stop sewing for a second, we absolutely had to use our creative energy,” says Carmen.
who created ten new outfits for the upcoming comicons.