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A surprising team appears in the derby of Jakob Chychrun

Earlier today, it was reported that penguins presented Caspri Kabanin on the ballot.

Questionable roster move, as the team is on a disastrous streak that could miss the playoffs for the first time since 2006. The organization is really going to need reinforcements, or so they think. Mike Sullivanwho wants to get his hands on it Jacob Shekron.

according to Pierre LebrunPittsburgh is now in the race for a defender:

“[…] I also heard that penguins spoke to wolves on several occasions.”

Pierre Lebrun

However, according to the journalist Bob RossiThere will be a contradiction between the ideas of the head coach and the general manager. Ron Hextall :

Mike Sullivan wants [Ron] Hextall gets Jakob Chychrun, but Hextall rejects the idea because the Coyotes asked the Penguins to include their 2025 and 2026 first-round picks.”

Bob Rossi

We can understand why GM would want to keep these two future options, given that there’s a good chance his club won’t be in a position to make the playoffs, with a core Chris Letang, Sidney Crosby And Evgeny Malkin who is getting old.

Meanwhile, fans are angry about the team’s recent setbacks. So much so, that they united in their cries yesterday to demand that Hextall be fired, while the Penguins trailed 6-1 against the Oilers.

Either way, Pittsburgh remains just one point away from participating in the Spring Championship. Could the addition of Chychrun save the organization?

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