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A sunfish measuring more than two meters on an American beach

A sunfish measuring more than two meters on an American beach

It's a sad and unpleasant, but rare and fascinating discovery, conducted by walkers on June 3 on Gearhart Beach in the state of Oregon (USA). That day, visitors found the carcass of a large sunfish stranded on the sand, he says CNN This Saturday. The animal measured more than 2.20 meters and its size and its specific physique attracted many curious people.

Dead and cheated

A New Zealand expert who learned of the discovery through photos posted on social media asked local authorities to take samples from the fish's body and take more accurate measurements and photos. Confronted with the photographs, he estimated the animal to be the largest specimen of a deceptive sunfish ever observed. on Facebook Coastal fisheries in Oregon.

It is a type of sunfish discovered by scientist in 2017. Researchers originally thought that these fish only evolved in waters of the Southern Hemisphere with moderate temperatures. However, over time, this theory was undermined, as deceptive sunfish washed up on the beaches of California and further north, in Alaska (USA).

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