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A stray message from Gary Bateman?

A stray message from Gary Bateman?

The words of Gary Bateman, before handing the Stanley Cup to the Tampa Bay Lightning on Wednesday, left some Montreal Canadiens fans with a bitter taste.

In fact, the National Hockey League commissioner failed to congratulate or even mention the Habs players during his speech before allowing captain Stephen Stamkos to parade with the prized trophy.

“It just happens and there for the blues. Blues, whites and reds on the other side, right?” host Jean-Charles Lagoy, Thursday, asked about the waves of TVA Sports.

“Your Most Popular Team in the National Hockey League… It Doesn’t Matter!”

“He brought it down,” said former Canadian goalkeeper Eric Fishud.

For his part, former Cerberus Bateman analyst and circuit Lois Domingu believes that Cinderella’s team surprises since the start of the playoffs have hurt the league’s portfolio, something Bateman finds hard to swallow.

“It frustrated him that he lost 90% of the income he would have had if Vegas made it to the final. He passed his letter discreetly, but at the same time cautiously.

“If Gary Bateman had cared the slightest bit of flair for saluting the sweet track for Canadians before cutting champagne with his champs, perhaps Kocherov would have been a little embarrassed,” added Lagoy.

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