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A strange object of unknown origin has been discovered in the Milky Way – La Nouvelle Tribune

An unusual discovery made in the Milky Way has raised many questions among Australian astronomers. It is indeed a rotating object identified by the student during his research work in the framework of his undergraduate thesis. According to the properties of this body, it emits a large electromagnetic radiation three times per hour.

At the moment, experts cannot give an official name for this very unusual object. We note that this electromagnetic radiation has not been recorded before. Many hypotheses are put forward regarding the mysterious object. astrophysicist Natasha Hurley Walker It is believed that it could be very long range magnetic.

some questions…

“But it is also quite unusual. We know of only one pulsar, and there is nothing as significant as this one.”As reported by Agence France-Presse. “Of course, it could be something we never thought of. It could be a whole new kind of thing”She always said without real precision at the true origin of this thing. “This means that it must be a natural process, not an artificial signal.”, insisted on the roads.

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