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A solar plane on its way to the stratosphere

A solar plane on its way to the stratosphere


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France 2
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J. Longchampt, E. Delevoye, M. Le Rue – France 2

France Televisions

In Switzerland, a team is preparing to approach the stars with a solar plane. Indeed, with this prototype, pilot Rafael Domjan hopes to reach the stratosphere. Only, before this can be achieved, tests still have to be done.

Its massive wings divide the air and the landscape. In the skies over Switzerland, one of the only solar planes in the world took off without a drop of kerosene. It is only propelled by sunlight. On its wings are dozens of solar panels. According to its engineers, they will make it possible to get close to space for the first time. After several years of preparation, this unique €10 million prototype has entered its final stage, test flights.

reach the stratosphere

This project is led by pilot Raphael Domjan. Its goal is to reconcile aviation with renewable energies. His plane, which weighs 570 kilograms, is powered by five batteries. “The amazing thing is that we are able to search for batteries on the fly. Makes little noise. We do not emit any carbon dioxide“, the pilot explains. Before taking the direction of the sky, the adventurers have already traveled the seas of the globe. This time, the sun must be their ally for another challenge, to reach the stratosphere, between 12 and 50 kilometers of altitude around the Earth. To achieve this, the pilots will have to equip themselves with oxygen tanks and space suits.

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