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A smart contact lens that controls the light entering the eye

A smart contact lens that controls the light entering the eye

A startup in the city of Ghent has announced the first successful practical test of smart contact lenses, which specifically aims to help people with keratoconus and other corneal abnormalities. Smart contact lenses that regulate the amount of light entering the eye could one day help patients with keratoconus and severe astigmatism, as well as those with photophobia and presbyopia, by blocking distracting diffuse light.
The first prototype, which still looks a bit like science fiction, has been successfully tested on the eye: the technology works. “By filtering out peripheral light, the smart lens is designed so that only focused light reaches the retina,” said a press release from manufacturer Azalea Vision, which has made it its mission to develop “smart, easy-to-use” lenses for ophthalmology.
The ALMA lens features a liquid crystal diaphragm, microchip, radio frequency antenna, micro-prescription battery and configurable light control. The aperture can be adjusted to regulate the amount of light entering the eye. The company has now successfully tested this feature on the eye using a prototype. Patients and doctors can program the lens according to their individual needs.

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