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A sleepwalker recounts the disturbing actions she does during the night

A sleepwalker recounts the disturbing actions she does during the night

Sleep became a real concern for Sarah Taylor; In an interview given to daily MailA 32-year-old British woman, who suffers from severe sleepwalking, revealed some of the surprising and even dangerous actions she does during the night.

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It all started when Sarah was in college: When she and her roommates woke up in the morning, they regularly noticed open doors and cabinets and food lying around.

“We thought there might be a ghost in the house,” Sarah recalls.

One night, she woke up at the kitchen table, a loaf of bread in one hand and the other searching the pantry for food.

“I knew then there was no ghost. I was sleepwalking,” says the 32-year-old.

Sudden and annoying gestures

Since then, she has sometimes suffered unexplained cuts and injuries or noticed her shoes are in a completely different place than where she left them. Sarah Taylor puts them on while she's asleep to go for a walk outside.

“I never know how far I'll get. It's really scary,” she says.

One night, she took the pillows from the bed she shared with her husband, James, to build a fort on the floor, her eyes wide open even though she was asleep.

“Another time, the dozens of cookies I had just bought were gone. I found the package empty and crumbs in the sink,” says Sarah Taylor.

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“James once told me that I was bragging one night about going to a party with Batman,” she adds.

“It's a son, I'm also inquiet for James if I miss him when he hears, his eyes are silent, as if my body is busy, but my service is absent.” 32 years.

And remember, stress seems to make the situation worse.

Before her wedding in 2014, Sarah Taylor said she woke up sore and exhausted due to her unintended nighttime activities.

“James has put locks on our doors and a deadbolt on our bedroom door, but I find a way to open everything while I sleep,” she says.

The British woman admits she worries about what she might do during bouts of sleepwalking.

“I can get up, get dressed and open the door. I'm afraid of what I might do next: drive the car? It's terrifying,” she says.