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L'incident est survenu le 27 juin.

A second person was convicted of manipulating the chief medical officer

A second man has been sentenced to eight weeks in prison in London on Thursday, January 27, for allegedly manipulating England’s chief medical officer Chris Witty, a leading figure in the fight against Govt-19.

After initially pleading not guilty, 24-year-old Jonathan Chew finally pleaded guilty on Thursday to the offenses of intimidation or harassment with abusive words and blocked the police action against him. He will have to pay a total of one thousand pounds (1200 euros). With this firm imprisonment, he is allowed more than his friend Louise Hughes, and at 24, he was sentenced on July 30 to eight weeks in prison and fined 300 pounds sterling (360 euros) and damages.

“We wanted to take a selfie”

In videos widely shared on social media in late June, the two laugh, touch Chris Witty and put their hands on his shoulders as he tries to walk away, apparently embarrassed. The incident, which took place on June 27 in St. James’ Park near the Prime Minister’s Downing Street residence, sparked widespread calls for the professor to be given close protection.

In early July, the two defendants told The Sun, a tabloid, that they had no intention of harming Chris Witt, who had become familiar to the British through his daily television shows at the height of the epidemic. “We wanted to take a selfie“When Jonathan explained to Chiu, his friend apologized and explained that he had lost his job as a real estate agent following the video broadcast.

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