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A Russia-North Korea deal would violate UN resolutions

A Russia-North Korea deal would violate UN resolutions

The United States said on Tuesday that Russia would violate UN resolutions if it signed an arms deal with North Korea, after Moscow and Pyongyang called for increased cooperation.

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“Any form of defense cooperation or arms deal between North Korea and Russia would undoubtedly violate UN Security Council resolutions,” a department spokesman told reporters. State, Vedant Patel.

On Tuesday morning, Russian President Vladimir Putin called for closer cooperation with Pyongyang in a message to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Mr. Kim insisted,” a message from Defense Minister Kang Sun-nam was read to meeting participants. The forum near Moscow was cited by Russian news agencies.

The US suspects that Moscow is trying to obtain weapons from its North Korean ally.

A summit between the leaders of South Korea, the United States and Japan is scheduled for Friday in Washington, with promises of increased cooperation aimed at strengthening their defense cooperation in the face of South Korea. .

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