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A ray of hope for Saint-Pierre-Jolys Regional Library

A ray of hope for Saint-Pierre-Jolys Regional Library

The agreement between the library and the Vallée de la Rivière-Rouge school department expires on March 1, 2023. So the library had to find a new seat before that date, but arrangements are underway.

According to Jolys Regional Library Director Nicole Gregoire, the school division has promised that the library will continue to remain within their school. Heritage immersion Until the end of this school year, or until the next school year.

What may change for the 2023-2024 school year is that there is a possibility that we will share buildings with teachers and students due to the lack of space in the schoolshe explained.

As for the academic year 2024-2025, she says that uncertainty prevails. For this school year, we find ourselves in a situation where we may need new placesMs. Gregoire adds.

According to her, the school says she needs at least 5 more classes. This moment of comfort helps relieve fear from the local community and schools.

Nicole Gregoire, Director of Jolly Regional Library

Photo: Jolys Regional Library

When we learned that the department would be ending our contract next March, the community wasn’t too happy as they wondered what would happen to our library and those in the schools. That’s when we started the petition. So far, it has been read 39 times by 6 opposition deputiesnotes.

Since 1967, the Jolys Regional Library has been on the premises of the Héritage Immersion School. Nicole Gregoire emphasizes a long history that has led to a winning partnership.

Students can access a larger selection of books and more services. As a public library, we can provide services that are not the responsibility of the school library. So we want to continue to share not only our resources, but we can also contribute to school achievement with the money we have access to.Remember Nicole Gregoire.

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The Jolys Library branch in Saint-Malo was also in the scenes of the Rivière-Rouge Valley department.

His agreement with the department expires on December 21. But according to Nicole Gregoire, the library had to close in August because work to expand the school began earlier.

All books are now securely stored in the spaces provided by the Rural Municipality of De Salberi.

Ms. Gregoire emphasizes that at the end of the expansion works, the Red River Valley School Division will conduct an assessment of the spaces and only then will it decide whether or not to return the library to the institution.