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A pioneer in grazing green spaces in the heart of the Eurozone

A pioneer in grazing green spaces in the heart of the Eurozone

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After Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux and Paris, Hiptown was established on the first floor of Identity Tower 2 in the new EuroRennes Gare district. It will provide flexible co-working and office space (from 2 to 90 people) with an area of ​​950 square meters, low-impact and affordable.

“We are pleased to establish ourselves in Rennes, because this dynamic city opens doors for Brittany, a region of SMEs and entrepreneurs. We are in the process of conquering the West with upcoming installation projects in Vannes, Lorient, Brest and Nantes!”, explains Ludovic Silrier, co-founder of Hiptown.

A second title is already planned at Cesson-Sévigné T2 2023 on the campus dedicated to Cyberdefense Startups. It will provide workspace and a restaurant as well as turnkey offices for companies and is a hit with Unicorns and other startups across France.

The company is part of a responsible approach: upcycling furniture, choosing eco-materials, appealing to local artisans and producers… Hiptown works with well-known partners such as Bluedigo, which specializes in eco-friendly used office furniture. This company has established a methodology for calculating the positive impact on waste volume.

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