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A piece of cardboard is enough to repair a Nintendo Switch console

Is your Nintendo Switch a victim of the Joy-Con Drift? If you haven’t survived this problem, a YouTuber has found a simple solution to fix your Nintendo Switch console. A small piece of cardboard inside the console does the job.

The Joy Con Drift It is arguably one of the most annoying and most common problems with the Nintendo Switch. Several gamers have already complained about the console issue on their hybrid console. So much so that some of them are suing like Nintendo The 9-year-old and his mother who filed a complaint last year.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con – Credit: Sara Kurfeß / Unsplash

As a reminder, the Joy-Con drift . is set Joystick movement recorded by joystick. It will then appear on the screen even if you don’t touch the joystick. This issue has affected the Nintendo Switch for several years and the Japanese company has yet to offer a solution. Furthermore it, Valve wants to avoid controller drift on Steam Deck at all costsThe new portable console that wants to rival the Nintendo Switch.

A piece of cardboard will “permanently” correct Joy-Con drift.

There are countless Joy-Con drift videos showing different solutions available online. However, the video shared by youtubeur” VK . channel ” Present One of the simplest solutions To repair the console, if not the easiest.

The youtubeur noted that deviation can be avoided by Joy-Con Squeeze around the analog stick. As you can see in the video below, pressing the Joy-Con instantly cancels the joystick drift. So YouTubers had a simple but effective idea. Open the Joy-Con to put it onA very thin piece of cardboard Under the analog stick site. So the cardboard rests directly on the metal plate that records the movements of the joystick.

Thanks to the pressure applied by the cartoon, the drift is fixed “permanently” according to youtubeur. It also specifies that this solution must be Work for Switch Lite. In fact, this has not escaped the drift problem since thenIt is also part of a class action lawsuit against Nintendo in the United States. However, the Joy-Con is not removable on the Nintendo Switch Lite, so the cardboard piece solution is more complicated to implement.

Finally, don’t forget that you automatically lose your warranty if you open your Joy-Con at home. If you have Joy-Con drift problem and it is still under warranty, Nintendo repairs your console for free.

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