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A news anchor decides to emigrate to the United States

A news anchor decides to emigrate to the United States

One of the Cuban TV news anchors announced on Friday that he had decided to emigrate to the United States, condemning what thousands of his comrades had been doing for months. “FrustrationIn his country andLieOf his government. “In recent months, my journey has begun, like thousands of other Cubans who are tired of plowing in the sand and have decided to get out of many rotten shit, lies and despair.Journalist Unino Rodriguez wrote in a lengthy post on his Facebook account from Mexico, where he hopes to cross the US border.

Journalist known as Junior Smith in television news, “BoyfriendThe Cuban Communist Organization but he said he was disappointedFailed policies»And aDead economyIn his country, he condemned the use of the US embargo as a false pretext to explain problems. Always criticizesThe heinous police abuse that took place on July 11thWhen thousands of Cubans expressed their anger on the streets of the island and opened many shops in foreign currency, its inhabitants were paid only in pesos.

The worst economic crisis in 30 years

Like him, thousands of Cubans have migrated to Central America and Mexico in recent months to reach the United States, while Cuba has been experiencing its worst economic crisis in three decades. The presenter, who publishes a photo showing two people wearing mud-covered shoes, claims to have been harassed by his bosses on state television. “I often go to the chief’s office and ask, “What do you want me to say?”“.

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However, his departure sparked widespread criticism on social media, including from opposition journalists such as Yoani Sanchez, director of the 14ymedio online newspaper. “I have seen many people leave … the defenders of that regime who insulted me in prime time on Cuban television, to friends who never wanted to get involved in talking about politics, to the Communist Party militants to the neighbors“, He commented on Twitter.”I have seen so many people leaving, and I am no longer surprised by anything“In February, another state television journalist, Yailén Insua, sought asylum in Colombia after leaving her country, claiming she had been the victim of several censorship attempts.