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La cour existante est réaménagée et une deuxième cour est en train d'être créée.

A new playground for the students of Christophe Türk School

The entrance to the Christoph Tork Primary School in Olympic Village is still under construction and a gate has been installed. A courtyard was created in the north with an area of ​​400 m², which is an additional space for students.

On the other hand, the workers are also so busy that everything is ready for the start of the school year. The existing yard is being renovated, and the covers will be ready by the end of August. Part of the yard is dried, having a grassy area, mulch at the foot of the trees, etc.

collect water

The idea is to recover the water better, especially thanks to the valley, explains Matteo Rigo, supervisor who works at ID Verde: “It’s kind of like a river. The goal is for the water to be collected by the grass, and absorbed. And then, if there’s really a lot of water, we have a sink that allows the excess water to be recovered which then goes to the water table.

The city of Grenoble collected a file and was able to obtain a grant of 26,000 euros from the Rhone Mediterranee Corse water agency. “External funding is welcome as it encourages and rewards waterproofing measures. It is important for us to get this money, Gilles Namor, public spaces assistant, reassured. an will systematically try to get that.

Restore freshness

With these businesses, the goal is also to green the playing field. Eight high-stemmed trees will be planted between fall and winter, but groups, shrubs, etc. will also be planted.

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The Town Hall continues the momentum of redeveloping schoolyards, following the momentum of Clemenceau in 2002 and the plan “free court“.to make the next pitch,”The constants are purification, revegetationGilles Namor explains,But also different uses, considering quiet uses, sports, reading, and shaded corners.“.

“Create a Fun and Multifunctional Space”, Katja Bacher

The city decidedCreate a fun and multifunctional spaceKatja Bacher, a city council member and elected local representative for the district, explains. The relief already in the courtyard, with two mounds, has been preserved.on the side [butte] Vercors Line Lemarchand, project manager for the Public Space Planning Bureau . describesWe have limestone rocks, a motor road to be builtAnd to Butte Belledonne, the class outside will have:We have some kind of stands that are set up here. The idea was to rework this pile with materials like granite from Oisans and to work like alpine levels.. ”

Line Lemarchand, Katia Bacher and Gilles Namur present the new yard work for the École Christophe Turc in Grenoble. © Radio France
Camille Grangaard

We are departing from the classic model of cycles where there are not many, Katya Bacher thinks, Where everything revolves around the game of ball. There will be a ball game on one side“.

The work cost the city of Grenoble 124,000 euros and is due to be completed in February 2023 with the installation of furniture, such as the cabin for example.