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A new extract by Brigitte Puigoli

On Friday, Brigitte Puigoli revealed a second excerpt from her album, which will be released this winter, after its release. lie to meLast summer.

unveiled on all listening platforms, Left is a jazzy swing piece with Bossanova’s signature undertones that the singer composed in collaboration with Jean-Philippe Audit and Guy Lefevre – the latter also produced the song.

Brigitte Puigoli also signs the text, which refers to the departure of her ex-husband Jean-Philippe Audit, the father of her daughter Charlie. “This song is a page of my life, a sudden departure towards another story,” she asserts in the press release that accompanied the reveal of the piece. Leaving is an integral part of all our lives. Some are desired, others are forced upon us. What cannot be denied is that leaving unites us all, It is inevitable. I hope you will fit this text inspired by my experience to explore yours as well.”

Brigitte Puigjoli’s latest albums in French, Plamondon signedlaunched in 2017 – Record it in English Thin It was unveiled in 2019. The singer should also start her tour 40 years old At Saint Bruno de Montarville on the 10th of February.

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