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A near collision between two planes has spooked a Delta plane

A Boeing 737 had to come to an extreme halt on takeoff because, in the back of the minute, another plane appeared to be blocking its way at JFK Airport in New York.

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The Delta flight that was scheduled to head to the Dominican Republic was not easy, and even traumatic for many passengers, on Friday night.

MailOnline reported that the Boeing, which was traveling at more than 185 km/h, had to brake suddenly.

An American Airlines plane was crossing the runway at the same time.

Many of the passengers shouted at the top of their voices. Then a deafening silence subsided.

“It was a split second, but the impression we had was that it wasn’t going to end well,” passenger Donal Brian Healy told NBC News.

“People screamed, the plane slowed, and then there was complete silence,” the man recalled.

The air traffic controller had told the American Airlines flight commander to cross “Runway 31L at KM”, but instead he crossed Runway 4 left at Joliet, crossing directly in front of the Delta flight.

The FAA said in the aftermath of the crash that the pilot was then forced to brake hard, and traveled another 200 yards.

The Delta flight was then forced to turn back to the gate and did not take off again until the next morning, while the American Airlines flight arrived on time to the UK, where it was scheduled to go.

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The Delta planes had to brake for two to three seconds after they began to accelerate.

The pilot explained to the passengers the situation, that another plane had passed in front of them, forcing him to abort the takeoff.

The FAA and National Transportation Safety Board are currently investigating the crash.

Audio recordings indicate that the American Airlines pilot did not follow air traffic control instructions correctly.