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Un microsatellite se photographie au-dessus de l’Australie

A microsatellite takes photos above Australia

Every weekend, a film makes the news or grabs our attention. On June 28, Lithuanian startup Nano Avionics shared the satellite’s first selfie.

An index shot

The satellite in question is a Micro satellite Created by a Lithuanian startup Nano Avionicswas invited MP42.

Equipped with a “green” propulsion micropropeller, it is capable of accommodating payloads in the 50 kg range.

He started working as a “Sherpa” on April 1 4. To carry of SpaceXwith two separate technical payloads (out of a total of 40 passengers).

First, Tiger 3The Luxembourg operator completes its 5G constellation dedicated to IoT OQ technology.

The second uses a GoPro Hero 7 camera at the end of the selfie stick.

The latter was produced as, 550 km above Australia and the Great Barrier Reef, 2 Mpx photos and 4K video (available at

“The reason we shot the photo and video clip against the backdrop of the Great Barrier Reef was partly symbolic,” said Vytenis Buzas, co-founder and president of NanoAvionics. We want to monitor the impact of our planet and the importance of observing the Earth through satellites, especially the environment and climate change. »

NanoAvionics goes Norwegian

Since airing this film, the Norwegian team Kongsberg On July 5, its defense and aerospace division announced that it had concluded a contract with the US company. AST Spacemobile (majority shareholder of NanoAvionics since March 2018), to redeem its stake (i.e. 77%).

The Lithuanian mission integrator and platform manufacturer for small satellites, founded in 2014 at Vilnius University, now has 150 employees and is valued at €65 million.

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