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A meeting between Pacchiorti and CH in the third round?

A meeting between Pacchiorti and CH in the third round?

All of the National Hockey League’s second-round playoffs are still far from over, but if the Vegas Golden Knights beat the Colorado Avalanche, forward Max Pasurietti could round up some of his former NHL teammates. Montreal Canadiens, where he spent the first 10 seasons of his career.

Both teams still have some work to do before seeing such a scenario materialize. The Nevada team is trailing 2-1, while the Habs, who led their series 2-0, will have to get rid of the Winnipeg Jets.

Although it was not his intention, the former Canadians captain indirectly aimed a small arrow at the Montreal fans, stating that Vegas was “the best place to play”.

“I really enjoyed everything, and I’m not just saying that because we won,” Passeurity said in a video conference on Friday, regarding playing in front of a crowded stadium, after his team’s 3-2 win at T-Mobile Arena. I really like to play in front of the spectators, especially the spectators.

“We talk about them a lot, how much they can help us get an advantage in the match. They stayed positive throughout the match and when we took our chances, they nourished us with such speed that they gave us. This place is electric. You can probably see and feel it. It is the best place to play, especially during playoffs.”

The author of the winning goal

Before thinking about the Canadian, Pacioretty and the Golden Knights will have to negotiate with the powerful attack of the Colorado Avalanche. The former Canadian captain also allowed his team to return to the strongest player in the series, thanks to his winning goal, less than five minutes before the start of the third duel.

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Positioned in front of the net, the 32-year-old American redirected a Nick Holden shot past goalkeeper Philippe Grobauer, barely 45 seconds after Quebec’s Jonathan Marquesault equalized.

“It’s hard to believe when you miss so many opportunities, but with [Marchessault]That broke the ice, which really motivated us,” said Pasuritti in a video conference. So when this floating shot of [Holden] Happening, you have enough confidence to forward it and that’s how it went.”

The Golden Knights will have the opportunity to continue their response to the avalanche, as well as win the first two matches of the series on their home soil. They plan to complete the double on Sunday.