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A man linked to the conspiracy law movement candidate for the US Congress

A man linked to the conspiracy law movement candidate for the US Congress

Ron Watkins announced in a video posted on Telegram Thursday that he will seek a seat in the House of Representatives, which is currently held by a Democrat, in an election scheduled for 2022.

Echoing Donald Trump’s baseless claims about the 2020 presidential election, Ron Watkins has presented voter fraud as a major issue.

President Trump’s election has been stolen, not only in Arizona, but also in other states, He said.

We must now lead this fight in Washington, to vote against all the dirty Democrats who stole our republic.

Quote from:Ron Watkins, Republican congressional candidate

Ron Watkins and his father Jim run the controversial 8chan forum, now called 8kun, which is used by the far right.

In 2017, mysterious anonymous messages from a certain person s It was posted there, conjuring up various conspiracy theories.

On probation

Over the years, what became the QAnon movement convinced more and more Americans, and FBI Last year to monitor this far-right group, which is seen as dangerous.

Adherents of these theories are particularly convinced that a gang in Washington is seeking to harm Donald Trump, and they believe that they are receiving classified information and encouragement from the former president’s entourage.

identification s It’s still a secret, but many believe it was actually Watkins.

s He stopped posting content in December, after Trump was defeated, and Ron Watkins got involved in the billionaire’s campaign to prove election fraud – a claim not supported by any evidence.

The QAnon movement ran out of momentum, but some followers took part in the violent attack on Congress on January 6, and Republicans who supported the group won seats in Congress.

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About 40 people who support or agree with QAnon’s theories are running for Congress in the 2022 election, according to the Media Affairs Monitor.