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A lively tribute to Mike Posey in New York

A lively tribute to Mike Posey in New York

Mike Posey left an indelible mark in the history of the New York Islands and they paid tribute to him Tuesday night at the UBS Arena, ahead of their game against the Florida Panthers.

The former Quebec striker died Friday of lung cancer. He was only 65 years old. Posey played his 10 seasons in the National Hockey League in the island’s uniform, winning four Stanley Cups along the way.

On the ice, the organization featured Bossy’s famous number 22, who has been retired by the team since 1992. Her daughter Tanya was able to observe the very sober ceremony, which was punctuated by video excerpts from Montrealer’s career and quotes from it. Her two granddaughters, Alex and Gabriel.

“I am a perfectionist and love to do things right. If I get into something, I want to do it well, be successful and look good while doing it,” Bossie heard saying.

The UBS Arena announcer explained Laval National’s previous career, from the Calder Cup in 1978, to the dynasty of the early ’80s, as he won the record 19 series in a row, going through his three Lady Bing titles.

“Mike helped shape the history of Islanders forever, but that wasn’t just because of his snowboarding. He can be seen in the community at play, or as a graduate, interacting with top NHL fans. Mike Posey set the standard for any New Yorker,” we heard During the ceremony, which lasted about eight minutes.

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Many of Bossy’s great goals, including his first on October 13, 1977 at the Buffalo Sabers Arena, have been shown on the giant screen.

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He was praised by many former islanders, including his great partner Brian Trotier. The latter mentioned how he could always find his best friend on the ice, which helped him enjoy nine consecutive seasons of over 50 goals.

In 752 matches, Bossy collected 1126 points, including 573 goals. Only two players reached 500 points faster than him: Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux.

A moment of silence was devoted to the memory of the deceased. As in Montreal a few days ago, the crowd ended up chanting Mike Posey’s name.

Watch the celebrations in the video above.