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A large meteorite illuminates the skies of France and the United Kingdom

A large meteorite illuminates the skies of France and the United Kingdom

The latest meteor fireball to illuminate the night sky in France and the UK has prompted astronomers and meteorologists to conduct further research.

As can be seen in the videos and photos that are going viral on the internet, the dazzling light suddenly pierces until the darkness of the night disappears across the sky.

Although many witnesses say they heard the explosion nearby, Twitter user Nicholas Arser Downloaded Video recorded on the port camera of the Arsenal Dam in France.

Will Gator, astronomer, re-recorded the video Twitter, Asks others who have registered with Meteor Fireball to submit to the UK Meteor Network.

Cameras in France saw blue light

At 11:47 a.m. local time, several cameras in Brittany, France captured a brief glow of blue light in the sky. According to Fast, The news channel quoted France Blue as saying that the flash “brought back tomorrow” for a few seconds at the time of recording.

There was a strange ray of light on the north coast of Brest and France.

The flash lasted a few seconds, according to a press release from G இயக்குனர்rn Mussett, director of the French Blu-ray Isle. It was followed by a “big bang”.

At the time of the event, French meteorologist Steven Duel was traveling between Rennes and Saint-Bruce in France.

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He told FranceInfo (according to the same Express report) that the night was clear. Then he noticed an object that actually lit up the sky in green-white.

(Photo: Alex Alishevsky via La NASA)
This image of the vapor path was captured about 125 miles (200 km) from the Chelyabinsk meteorological event, a minute after the house-sized asteroid entered Earth’s atmosphere.

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Many of the characters are visible in meteor images as if they were in daylight.

The event was also spotted in Morbihan, where a sky-scraping light was captured on a webcam near the port of Arsenal.

A meteor may have fallen off the French coast

Initial reports obtained by Hampshire and live He said the meteorite found in the UK may have landed off the coast of France.

The first signs of a fireball falling into the water off the French coast show up, according to the UK Meteorological Network and SCAMP, two meteor surveillance systems.

The first route map was prepared, showing fireballs approaching the west coast of France, crossing part of the continent and colliding with the sea south of Guernsey and Jersey. The exact location for the landing has not yet been determined.

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The meteorite, found in France, had some rocks in England

Said Jim Rowe of the England Fireball Alliance BBC The meteorite found in England and France is the size of a few rocks.

He thinks it was an asteroid or part of a comet that hit the atmosphere “at high speeds and low angles”. The meteorite exploded when the atmospheric pressure increased too much.

Millions of tiny asteroids are barely visible every night, and bright ones like Rowe spreading on social media are rarely seen in the UK three to four times a year.

It was huge when the mood hit, Rowe explained. But what people are witnessing when it comes to the meteorite is that it is crushed by the heat and pressure that occurs when it enters the atmosphere.

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