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A journey through space, time and emotions with the 130 . dancers

A journey through space, time and emotions with the 130 . dancers

More than 130 dancers performed on stage at the Cultural and Sports Center for the end-of-season concert at the Léa Académie dance school. Two two-hour shows were a huge hit with the audience.

More than 300 people will watch the show designed by the three dancers at Léa Académie but the real stars are, of course, the students.

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Dancers performed on stage for two hours. Astral journey where numbers are connected from planet to planet.

There is the planet Neptune, the planet of passion. Much more than the planet Uranus. Venus, the planet of love and Mars, the planet of warriors, the Amazon.

Rachel Carey, dance teacher at Lea Academy

Behind the scenes, too, volunteers work hard to make sure that the transit from one planet to another, from one costume to another, takes place in the best possible conditions. Everything is a millimeter.

It’s the last step before getting on stage, and that’s where we run a lot. Even at the top, there are a lot of moves to prep them, so it moves a lot.

Benedict Seuss, Volunteer at Team Academy

A show that everyone has been preparing for since January 2022. So on stage or backstage, everyone knows their role to perfection.

It obviously had a lot of emotion for me to see all the work done. I am especially proud of them.

Lea Rois, dance teacher and “Captain” of the Academy Team ship

Matthias Raynaud and Adrien Devillay attended one of the two shows.

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