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A hospital worker photographed the dead

The administration of a public hospital in the city of Lyon, in southeastern France, filed a complaint against a funeral service employee suspected of filming and posting pictures of the deceased on social media.

According to a press release from HCL.

“These actions, which are intolerable and unworthy, have been the subject of an administrative investigation since Monday,” the department said.

According to local daily newspaper Le Progrès, the employee concerned had posted photos of the bodies from the institution’s funeral service on social networks.

This was pointed out on Instagram by Marvin L. The whistleblower, who disclosed his first name, reproduced some of his photos and called on his subscribers to denounce the HCL employee’s actions, whose motives remain unclear.

“The officer concerned has been immediately suspended from duty and is subject to disciplinary action. A complaint has also been filed,” added the High Court for Refugee Affairs, which “strongly condemns these actions.”

In the wake of this complaint, the Lyon public prosecutor’s office told AFP it had “opened an investigation into the charge of infringement of privacy by taking, recording or transmitting images”.

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