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A History of François Gagnon: The Relics of Yuraj Slavkovsky;  Rim Pitlick on concessions?

A History of François Gagnon: The Relics of Yuraj Slavkovsky; Rim Pitlick on concessions?

Montreal – Unless he got infected during training or had a virus by then, Juraj Slavkovsky He plays the Red Wings on Tuesday in Detroit.

He will play suddenly and without surprise, it is true that his tenth match this season.

This tenth meeting will formalize the first season of his NHL entry contract regardless of how many games he will play for the Habs by the end of the season.

The Canadian, as many teams have done over the years, could have brought Slafkovsky back to the palace before he played this 10th game in order to delay, until next year, the formalization of the first year of his contract.

will not do.

In fact, I understand that the new crew, as is increasingly around the NHL with young players, don’t want to delay the first year of their young star contract.

Slafkovsky was selected first in the last draft, promising a very bright future. His few hits in his first nine matches show that. Therefore, the Canadian prefers to arrive as soon as possible at the end of the entry contract for a period of three seasons to give himself the best negotiating criteria for the second contract. A second contract would be expensive anyway.

Probably not as expensive as the ones you’d sign Cole Caufield Once his entry contract expires when the Canadian already knows he’ll have to multiply millions of dollars and years to keep him in Montreal, but it’s expensive nonetheless…

Despite controlled use – 11 minutes and 9 seconds on average – Juraj Slafkovsky scored three goals.

These three goals put him in 4e Record among juniors despite being 21e Among the novice attackers in terms of time of use. slips to 40e Rank when adding defenders to the equation.

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Slavkovsky is not guaranteed to spend the year with the Canadian. He could still be demoted if those offers drop or employees find themselves in a position to make room on their roster of 23 available players.

However, it seems certain that the staff, Martin St. Louis and his group of assistants will try over the next few games to gradually increase its use. It will be interesting to see how the novice will benefit from the potential generous use and whether they will be able to boost their stats.

Dadonov: The Simple Solution

Speaking of the 23-player roster, the Canadian will have to put up a player in the next match after the match endsEvgeny Dadunov on the list of injured.

Because Slavkovsky resides in Montreal at the moment, because the Canadian can’t do without him Kayden GohleyAnd the Jordan Harris And the Arber Xhekaj On the blue line, and because Cole Caufield is the club’s top sniper even if he could be transferred to the school club without being subject to exemptions, the veteran would have to release him on bail.


The simple solution is to offer Evgenii Dadonov to 31 other formations which can thus be obtained “for free” and thus save a place in Montreal.

Note that it will be easy to send a file Mike Hoffmana Michael Pezzetta a Reem Petlik or one Chris Weidman in the ballot. The case of Peseta worries a Canadian who considers the powerful striker to have the best chance of claiming him if he is subject to exemptions.

why not Jonathan Drouin?

The question is interesting. Because Darwin hasn’t broken anything since the start of the season. He does not appear to have been whipped by his exclusion. But what kind of storm might Jonathan Drouin’s presence in dispensations about Canadians stir up?

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I’m not sure senior management would want to create a big black cloud over the Bell Center themselves with a management decision that won’t leave anyone indifferent when everything looks fine – or nearly – at the start of the transition year. A year that has been tough, but it’s a lot less than expected…at least for the time being.

But the scenario in which Jonathan Drouin appears regarding exemptions could be rewritten during the season.

Bitlake by default?

Because Canadians remain vulnerable on the Blue Line due to the prolonged absence of Michael Mathesonseems certain to be the name of the striker who will end up on the concessions this afternoon.

He could wait until tomorrow, but since the Canadian heads to Detroit at the end of the afternoon, it would be a surprise if the club leaves Montreal with a player who will be cut tomorrow.

I don’t think Dadonov will end up on compromises. True, the Russian, who got him from the Golden Knights last summer, for Shea Weber and his contract, is far from meeting expectations.

But his statistics in recent years indicate that he can do more for the offense if used in more favorable conditions. If he does, let’s say the same chances as Mike Hoffman who has a lot of confidence from his head coach Martin St. Louis.

And since Canadians want to use Dadonovs, Drouins, Hoffmans and Widemans in potential deals to get their hands on draft choices or expectations, concessions are not the preferred solution in their case.

At least for now.

Because we’ll tell each other: Even though they’ve all already been offered 31 other formations and the Canadian says he’s willing to keep 50% of their paycheck, Kent Hughes’ inbox doesn’t seem full of proposals beyond doubt that the Habs was quick to accept.

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In Washington, the capitals may be interested in Dadonov. But as they came to demand Nicholas Ob-Kobel – Subject to Toronto waivers – That interest fell by the end of the week.

Will it warm up over the next few days? The next few weeks? If so, the Canadian has a good game to put Dadonov in a position to seal any deal at all.

When we scroll through the list of players who are likely to end up getting exemptions this afternoon, Rem Pitlick’s list appears to be the easiest to score.

After an excellent training camp and the quality of the preparatory matches I played Jake EvansPitlick had a slow start to the season.

He was even kicked out of training.

Pitlick does not attract more interest from other players who are likely to be traded at the moment. The fact that clubs are not scrambling to get his services may lead the Canadian to believe he will be shunned if he is subject to exemptions.

Unlike Pezzetta.

If he is ostracized, Pitlick will assist the Rocket in Laval and will be more willing to do so than a veteran like Dadonov or Hoffman who is going back there. And that’s if he agrees to go. What is not obtained.

If Pitlick claimed?

This would give Rafael Harvey Benard or any other dynamic young player playing for Laval the opportunity to be called up by the Canadian if necessary.