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A health official asks not to bring cake to his workplace

The British agency responsible for protecting food-related public health compared the practice to passive smoking.

No homemade cookies for birthdays or local specialties brought back from a trip? However, this is what Susan Jebb of the Food Standards Agency (the British regulatory agency responsible for protecting public health in food) is asking our colleagues. times.

According to him, bringing cake, cookies or candies to his office colleagues is like passive smoking.

“If nobody brings cake to the office, I don’t eat cake during the day, but because people bring cake, I eat it. Well, I chose, but people chose. Going to the smoke pub,” he told British media.

In an environment where most Britons aged between 45 and 74 are overweight or obese, Times Health CommissionSo the temptation for employees is very high.

“We can make their efforts more effective by having a supportive environment,” Susan Jebb pleaded at the time.

The government is backing down

Although it is a food safety body, the Food Standards Agency is not affiliated to the Ministry. This is why the government is a little away from this recommendation.

Contacted by BBCRishi Sunak, the Prime Minister’s spokesperson, felt that “a piece of cake is very much like it”, and that “personal preference should be part of our approach”.

In other words, while the government is taking obesity topics very seriously, “the way to tackle this problem is not to prevent people from occasionally giving their peers a party”.