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A group of 100 wild chickens terrorizes a village

A group of 100 wild chickens terrorizes a village

Residents of the village of Snettisham in Norfolk (United Kingdom) say their lives have become “hell” after around a hundred feral chickens have appeared in the town. The British newspaper said the birds in question came from a neighboring tree Guardian. It is not clear whose land they appear to have come from, but Their numbers have exploded recently.

Residents say the chickens are destroying their gardens Prevent them from falling asleep because of the giggles. Ben King, 48, can't sleep despite wearing earplugs: “They [les poulets, ndlr] Totally out of control. If someone comes to move them, I'll buy them a big beer.

Visitors and passers-by watch the birds and leave food that attracts rats. The atmosphere in the village has become particularly heavy, and tensions are rising between locals and tourists.

The villagers complained about this to the municipal administration. He planned to get rid of the chickens for good. There is no consensus on the matter in the village. A teenager, who wished to remain anonymous, said that chickens often “complain” to people living in “new homes”: “Chickens have been around for so long. There are more important things in life than some chickens”, adding. A disgruntled villager. “Let them find a life for themselves, really.”

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