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A giant mural in Montreal to mark the 100th anniversary of Riobel

A giant mural in Montreal to mark the 100th anniversary of Riobel

As a result of the collaboration with MU, the nearly 60-meter (190-foot) mural will be part of the organization’s Montreal Cultural Builders collection, including the iconic mural in honor of Leonard Cohen on Crescent Street, which was unveiled in 2017.

The Riopelle Foundation is pleased to confirm, at the dawn of the artist’s 100th birthday, the construction of the first Jean-Paul Riopelle marina in his native city.Jean-Paul Reubel Foundation Director General, Manon Gauthier, said in a press release.

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The location for the futuristic mural in honor of Riopelle, at the corner of Peel and Sherbrooke Streets.

Photo: Jean Paul Reubel Foundation

The work in question will be selected after a call for proposals for artists to develop an exemplary mural. Published by the Riopelle Foundation, this call for proposals will be funded up to $50,000 by the City of Montreal.

The winning proposal will be selected by a jury made up of professionals in the artistic community and chaired by Yseult Riopelle, daughter of Jean-Paul Riopelle and co-founder of the foundation that bears his name. The jury will select three finalists who will be invited in the fall of 2021 to develop the concept for the work.

For its part, Tourisme Montréal will financially support the lighting of the mural, which will make it possible to display the work day and night.

alchemist of matter

Jean-Paul Reubel, born October 7, 1923 in Montreal and died March 12, 2002 in Saint-Antoine-de-Lille-au-Grouez, is a Quebec painter, engraver, and sculptor who no longer needs much presentation. Many works of fiction have characterized Quebec, Canada, and elsewhere.

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The unveiling of the mural in her honor, scheduled for fall 2022, will usher in her 100th birthday celebrations, which will run through 2023.

The alchemist of matter, an intelligent and knowledgeable man, brought us Riopelle’s boundless imagination, and continues to bring us today, tremendous cultural richness., concluded in a press release Elizabeth Ann Doyle, co-founder, general manager, and technical director of MU.