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A family on a sailboat in the Maritimes prepares for the arrival of Fiona

A family on a sailboat in the Maritimes prepares for the arrival of Fiona

A family from Sainte-Flavie, in Bas-Saint-Laurent, which is currently on a one-year sailboat trip, is preparing for Hurricane Fiona, which is expected to make landfall Friday evening.

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The Dumais family is currently in Nova Scotia, where the storm is likely to hit hard in the coming hours.

So I took refuge in a bay in Shelburne, Nova Scotia.

*Catch up on our special coverage of Hurricane Fiona’s arrival on Canadian shores with our journalists in Gaspésie, les-de-la-Madeleine and Halifax*

The navigators secured their boat and would spend the night on land while waiting for the storm to pass. They rented a house with another family on a sailboat.

On the boat, everything that the wind could carry was removed. This is especially the case with paintings.

“It’s a bit unpredictable, because she is [l’ouragan] Change course frequently. One morning she comes to us, the other morning she leaves. There, we are ready, no matter what happens. The boat is ready. “The rest of us will be safe, then comes what might happen,” said Christian Dumais, captain of “Callipyge I,” who is making this trip with all his family.

The family closely monitors the weather forecast and the development of the hurricane.

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