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A family burns the wrong patient

A family burns the wrong patient

Two patients in Slovenia were confused and one was burned with a wrong identity, an incident he described on Thursday as “totally unacceptable” by Slovenian authorities.

“One of them cremated their father’s body yesterday only to find out the next day that he was alive, while another family realized that their father had already died,” Health Minister Daniel Pesic-Loridan said during a press conference.

The two men in wheelchairs were the same age, came from the same retirement home and were taken to hospital in Celje (Northeast) for health reasons in the same ambulance.

Two days later, one of them died and the wrong family was notified. After a mandatory forensic medical examination, she organized a cremation of his body and a funeral.

The error was discovered when the other man returned to the nursing home after his recovery. Then the staff realized that he was wearing the wrong ID on his wrist.

“In the age of digitalization in the 21st century, this is completely unacceptable,” the minister responded with apparent shock to reporters, adding that the mistake would never have happened even if one of the patients had advanced dementia.

The Prime Minister refused to offer his resignation and an investigation was announced.

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