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"A Dream Come True" - Justin Barron

“A Dream Come True” – Justin Barron

Newark | Justin Barron quickly gained the trust of Martin St. Louis. The 20-year-old defender was on the ice to start overtime alongside Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield. He had a smile on his face as he left his first encounter in a confinement uniform.

“It was really special. It’s a dream come true. When I was young, I watched Canadians on TV. I now had the opportunity to wear this jacket. It was an exciting match but we didn’t get the two points. For the extension, I thought it was great to see that they trusted me.” I found myself with two very good players, Suzy and Cole.”

– Justin Barron

Rem Petlik scored the equalizer, but also scored an impressive penalty shootout goal. He defeated Nico Doss with a fake backhand kick to return to his strong side and hit the target. It is also prior to publication on this sequence.

“I’ve watched videos of the best penalty shootout goals in the NHL hundreds and hundreds of times when I was growing up. I’ve probably seen five million different goal-fakes. I was thinking of going the other way, but I’m back on my good side.”

– Rem Petlik

Samuel Montembolt has now returned to the role of second goalkeeper. On his first start since a tough outing against the Arizona Coyotes on March 15, Quebecers didn’t disappoint.

“It was important for me tonight, getting back into my league in second place. I wasn’t happy with my game against Wolves and I wanted to go back. I needed to get out on a good date. I’ve worked hard in practice and with my goalkeeper coach (Eric Raymond) for the past few days.” “.

– Samuel Montembolt