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A difficult birthday for Marilou

On December 25, Marilou, founder of 3 times a day, shared a photo on Facebook of herself, her cheeks crying, accompanied by a text recounting the pain she feels on this “symbolic day,” as she leaves her daughter with her father. .

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Marilou clearly embodies what many separated parents can be feeling during this holiday season.

His post had more than 34,000 likes and 485 shares by the end of Sunday.

The nearly 2,400 testimonials she received in response to her letter are messages of hope, support and understanding.

“With all my heart with you… My daughter has been at her father’s since Thursday and will be back tomorrow… Even after so many years, it still hurts so much, especially since it’s not the position I chose… I give myself the right to cry too,” he says. a subscriber.

“My parents divorced when I was 12. I lived exactly what you are experiencing today once I had to leave one or both of my parents to go partying at the other. I came to hate this party which stirred up so many feelings. Life was so good to me, it allowed me to reconcile With Christmas by giving me the happiness of giving birth to a son on Christmas Day, a surprise pregnancy!” says another.

The 3 Times a Day Foundation reminds its audience that “Life goes on even though it’s Christmas. Life isn’t about sharing and joy and euphoria.”