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A devastated Hamelin collapses onto the pitch: “It’s so scary” – Etienne Boulaye

Former Alouettes and New York Jets player Etienne Boulay commented, “It looks like a relatively harmless game and where it’s scary to see Hamlin get up and down and then people realize it’s no longer a football injury, it’s deeper than that.”

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Last night, in the middle of a game against the Bengals, Demar Hamlin, 24, suffered a heart attack after being tackled by his opponent.

“I have never seen coaches revive a player on the field. This is the kind of situation that would really shake everyone, ”supports Etienne Boulay.

“His heart began beating again on the field and he was taken to UC Medical Center for examination and treatment. He is currently under sedation and in critical condition,” said the Buffalo Bills.

“He’s 24, the kid, supposedly healthy, and he had to be resuscitated on the football field in front of teammates, opponents and fans who want to be entertained. At some point, the game takes over and human life is concerned,” says Etienne Boulay.

“We imagine that in the current context, he is surrounded by the best doctors and has the best care. But it is very scary, ”supports the former Quebec footballer.

“It’s nice to see everyone coming together and trying to send him and his family such positive vibes.”

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