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A critical security bug has finally been fixed

A critical security bug has finally been fixed

A serious security flaw in the Phone app affects most Samsung Galaxy smartphones. If you have one of these models, install the latest version of the system without delay to avoid being hacked!

Do you not regularly monitor system updates displayed on your smartphone? We strongly advise you to change your habits. A security vulnerability discovered by IT security experts from cryptwire It reveals that many Samsung Galaxy smartphones can be victims of sneaky attacks. Thus they indicate in their alert flyer that a bug in the mobile app would allow any other app to access privileges through it that would normally be denied. The key is the ability to reset the phone, uninstall apps, install new apps, and of course make calls. This defect does not only affect smartphones Samsung The latest Galaxy models but also the ones released several years ago running Android 9, 10, 11 and 12. After learning of the problem, Samsung fixed the bug in a security update delivered in February 2022. So it’s appropriate to quickly check what’s going on. If your Samsung smartphone has the latest system versions and security updates.

How to check for updates on Samsung smartphones?

Not sure if your mobile phone has the latest security patches provided by Samsung or Google? A little verification is necessary, whatever your smartphone model.

► Go to system settings. Scroll down the menus and tap system update.

► In the window that is displayed, note the third menu called Last updated. If history seems old to you, press the first menu Download and install.

► If an update is available, it will be offered to you automatically (provided you have an internet connection). If so, update. It only takes a few minutes of installation and a reboot of the device.