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A couple hospitalized in Florida: worry preoccupies their son

A couple hospitalized in Florida: worry preoccupies their son

Two weeks after his father and mother were seriously injured in a pleasure boat explosion in Florida, Laurent Luxenberg has to deal with a lot of worries and questions.

Restaurateur Eric Luxenberg and Francine Lenglet’s son claims he’s heard very little from his parents, who were hospitalized and passed out in Florida.

With regard to the circumstances of the incident, the mystery is almost complete.

“Almost nobody knows. The only information I received was that when it was time to put gasoline in the boat, there could have been an explosion. Nobody is able to give me more news,” says Laurent Luxenberg.

Two weeks after the explosion, her parents are still in intensive care and are in critical condition.

“Dad, I was able to talk to him a little bit at first. There was an improvement, but on Thursday he fell unwell and has since been hospitalized in intensive care. Since then it has been radio silence.”

The worried son adds: “The doctors still don’t know why he’s still unconscious.”

According to Laurent Luxenberg, the condition of his mother, who was burned in a large part of her body, will improve.

“According to what I have been able to obtain as information, there is an improvement, but his condition remains critical at the pulmonary level,” explains Laurent Luksenberg.

The circumstances of the tragedy are still unclear. Laurent Luxenberg received very little information from the police, who opened an investigation into the explosion.

His son says Eric Luxenberg has been boating for more than 40 years.

The boat that blew up was a new acquisition, but his father wasn’t on his first outing with the boat, according to Laurent Luxenberg.

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