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A confirmed second season of Get Me Out of Here! : The audience presents their ideas for the upcoming campers

TVA and Productions Déferlantes announce excellent news: the show Get me out of here! He will return for a second season next year.

Viewers were very happy to hear the news and have already named the Quebecers they’d like to see take on this massive jungle challenge.

Here are their top 20 picks:

  • Christine Morrissey
  • Alex Peron
  • Jean-Francois Barel
  • Gino Chouinard
  • Jean-Michel Antel
  • Alexandre Dispati
  • Melin Saint-Sauveur
  • Frederick Miller Zoffi
  • Michael Sharett
  • Pierre Luc Funk
  • Mark Dupree
  • Stefan Russo
  • Dominic Bucket
  • Jose Judit
  • Sebastien Benoit
  • Sophie Thibault
  • Annie Sully Proto
  • Stephen Turcotte
  • Kim Rusk
  • Eve Cote

There are names on this list that would be very surprising to see these kinds of challenges dealt with, but others are possible as well, such as Alexandre Despatie, who participated in the final season of Celebrity Big BrotherOr Mylène St-Sauveur or Jean-Michel Anctil.

As of now, Season 1 is in full swing and only two campers have been eliminated. We also spoke with Nathalie Simard last week, who told us about the moment she broke down at the start of the season. Read it all here.

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