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A completely different secret room has been discovered in Legends: Pokémon Arceus

A completely different secret room has been discovered in Legends: Pokémon Arceus

Someone discovered a secret location in Legends: Pokémon Arceus. It’s a piece with a contemporary look, which suggests that an expansion of the game, set in the past, may be released one day.

Since late January, Pokemon fans have been immersed in this place Mythology: Pokemon Arsius, a new adaptation of the main saga is believed to be a small revolution. It allows you to participate in an introduction and, by extension, a dive into a very distant past – at a time when Pokédex did not yet exist. Therefore, it is clear that it is possible to ask why there is a secret room, all the more modern, which was discovered by the hacker Nekorun and transmitted by Faz Faz in a video he posted on YouTube on February 9.

Be warned, you won’t be able to visit this place on your own apart from the environments you can walk around. ” It is part of a separate map that is not normally accessible DeepGameRes in . says Message posted on February 14. The hacker used a trick to bypass the provided limits and reveal this secret Mythology: Pokemon Arsius.

Mythology: Will Pokémon Arseus Have an Expansion?

The room in question is a bedroom, very modern, as we find in all Pokémon episodes since the Red and Blue generation. It’s full of little references, like a Nintendo Switch collector with a Pikachu and Eevee doll lying on the TV cabinet (It already exists) or a Poké Ball-like watch.

The truth is that Mythology: Pokemon Arsius It detracts from some of the rules common to all adventures. As it happens in the past, this modern room is not the first place that players discover. Mythology: Pokemon Arsius It starts on the beach where the heroine or hero comes from the future and ends up mysteriously in Hisui.

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Secret room in Legends: Pokémon Arceus // Source: youtube won won

Therefore, there are two opposing theories about the presence of this part in the game, but the developers did not use it. This is :

  • It was so well planned Mythology: Pokemon Arsius It begins like its predecessors, in a modern bedroom, before the main character is immersed in the past;
  • This room will be used later, for example thanks to the expansion already planned by the Pokémon Company, which will return for the time being.

The premise of seeing the arrival, sooner or later, of a big DLC ​​for Mythology: Pokemon Arsius It wouldn’t be surprising. You will not be the first to benefit from it: pokemon sword and shield Extend the fun with the expansion card Which includes new stories, new pokemon and new wilderness Especially since success is there for Arceus: Over 6.5 million copies have already been soldThe best Pokemon debut ever launched on the Nintendo Switch.